Storm Shelters & Safe Rooms in OKC Certified To Withstand an EF 5 Tornado

Serving Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Kansas & Missouri

Thunderground storm shelters OKC and safe rooms OKC are engineered to keep your family safe with all storm shelters and safe rooms rated and certified to withstand an EF 5 tornado. Severe weather can strike anytime without warning. If you live in Oklahoma, including the Oklahoma City and Tulsa metro areas, or anywhere in Tornado Alley, make sure your loved ones are protected by taking cover in a Thunderground storm shelter or safe room.

All Thunderground tornado storm shelters and safe rooms are built to meet or exceed FEMA standards and certified by the National Wind Institute at Texas Tech University to withstand an EF 5 tornado. Our underground garage storm shelters offer capacity up to 15 people and standing room for people up to 6’3’’. We even offer a safe room for as many as 18 people! Our storm shelters and safe rooms are strategically positioned to provide maximum protection for your loved ones. We use only premium materials to ensure your tornado shelter will stand up to Mother Nature’s toughest storms. With our specially engineered storm shelters and safe rooms, Oklahoma storms are no match.  Learn More


We are committed to providing the highest quality tornado storm shelters in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. Our crews install underground garage tornado storm shelters and above ground safe rooms throughout tornado alley including Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Kansas, and Missouri. A Thunderground storm shelter okc or safe room will keep you safe no matter where you are in Tornado Alley. Based in Norman, Oklahoma, our crews work non-stop installing underground storm shelters and safe rooms in homes throughout Tornado Alley. For a storm shelter or safe room in Oklahoma or anywhere in tornado alley, turn to Thunderground.  Learn More



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